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Focus on what you love to do with the help of the Members Choice Business  and Business World Elite Debit Mastercard.

In the coming weeks*, Members Choice is converting from our current business Visa Debit Card to the Business and Business World Elite Debit Mastercard . Beyond fast and easy access to your checking account, your new Member Choice Business or Business World Elite Debit Mastercard now boasts new and improved business solutions and savings built in.

*Your new Business or Business World Elite Debit Mastercard should have arrived by now. If you haven't received a new card, please contact us. Your Visa Debit Card is no longer active.

Here are a few next steps when you receive your card:

  1. Activate your card and set up your PIN by calling 833.246.9309 -
    enter your new debit card number followed by #
    enter the expiration date found on the back of your card MMYY followed by #
    enter the last 4 digits of your social followed by #
    enter your date-of-birth in this format MMDDYY followed by #
  2. Then you will be prompted to set up your new PIN; your old PIN will not transfer
  3. Click here for detailed instructions (PDF)
  4. Be sure to update all bill pay and automatic withdrawals that were using your previous debit card info
  5. Explore the great new features of your new card

How Business and Business World Elite Debit Mastercard helps you manage more of your day-to-day:

MC Receipt Mgmt

Mastercard Receipt Management

Digital capture and categorization of business receipts for efficient record keeping.

MS 365

Microsoft 365

Four months of Microsoft 365 Business or Office 365 Business Premium for free with a one-year subscription for up to 5 users.* 

SF Essentials

Salesforce Essentials for Small Business 

Sales and customer support management in a single app, from the world’s leading CRM solution.*


Intuit® Small Business Financial Tools 

Discounts on essential tools such as TurboTax®, QuickBooks® Self-Employed, and QuickBooks Online.* 

ID Theft

Mastercard ID Theft ProtectionTM 

Detection and protection against identity theft, including monitoring, alerts, and expert resolution 24/7/365.*

Emergency Services

Global Emergency Services 

24/7/365 worldwide assistance for lost or stolen cards, locating an ATM, or questions about your account. 

car rental

Car Rental Insurance 

Reimbursement for covered physical damage and/or theft of a rental vehicle with primary protection.*

MC Biz

Mastercard Biz 

A unique social platform where small business owners gather news, insights, and advice.


Priceless Golf® 

From tee times at premier clubs to unique PGA TOUR® experiences, perfect for sharing with clients.

*For details on all the features, please see the Business Debit Mastercard Guide To Benefits.

Members Choice Business Debit and Business World Elite Debit Mastercard
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Answers to questions you may have...


When will my new card arrive?

You should have received your new card by now. Call to activate your card and destroy your old card. Also, contact any merchants who automatically bill your existing card to provide your new card information. 


What if I didn't receive a new card?

New cards were automatically be sent to active cardholders. If you feel you should have received a new card but haven't, please contact us through the form below, or call 281.398.9900.


Who can tell me more?

If you have questions, complete the quick response form, inquire at any branch or give us a call at 281.398.9900.


Why are you replacing my existing card?

Your new Business or World Elite Debit Mastercard will help us to serve you better by providing you with added benefits, such as purchase assurance, you can use every day.

Is there any cost to me?

No, your new Business or World Elite Debit Mastercard will have no annual fee, just like the card it replaces.


What is the difference in benefits for the Business and World Elite Debit Mastercard?

Your Business Debit Mastercard includes benefits such as access to QuickBooks, TurboTax, Salesforce Essentials and Mastercard Receipt Management. The World EliteDebit Mastercard includes these benefits as well as Cellular Wireless Phone Protection, Mastercard Travel and Lifestyle Services and Premium Easy Savings. For a full summary of these and other features and benefits, click here to view the full Guide to Benefits.


Is my contactless card safe?

Contactless payments require different information than those made over the phone or online. The cardholder’s name, three digit security code on the back of the card, and billing information like zip code are never transmitted when the card is used. Instead, the account information and a one-time-only code are sent from the card to the reader to identify that transaction.
Mastercard uses advanced fraud detection systems and artificial intelligence to spot suspicious activity and stop fraud in its tracks. If a card is compromised, your Debit Mastercard comes with a global zero liability promise and you will not be liable for unauthorized charges. For more details on zero liability, please refer to your Guide to Benefits.


How do I keep my contactless card secure?

  1. Be careful where you keep your card. Card readers are usually waved at back pockets and purses when you are not looking; keep cards close and out of easy access for scanning. 
  2. There are several RFID sleeves and wallets available for purchase. These products cover the card and scramble the signal to prevent scanning. 
  3. Use a wallet app on your phone that is protected with a strong PIN. This means you can leave your card at home and safe from scanning. 
  4. Set alerts on your card account and regularly check your balance in online banking. When you see something suspicious, turn your card off and alert Mastercard and/or Members Choice as soon as possible.

Will my new card contain contactless payment?

Yes, Member Choice moved to contactless technology for security and ease of use.


How do I know if a merchant accepts contactless transactions?

Just look for the universal contactless symbol at checkout or ask the cashier if you can pay by tapping. If they do not yet offer contactless, this card can be used normally at any merchant that accepts Mastercard. 

If I have multiple cardholders, will each receive a new card?

Any card that has had activity in the past year will be sent a new card to the cardholder at the address on file for that account.


How do I apply for a new Business or World Elite Debit Mastercard?

Get a Debit Mastercard Application (PDF) and apply for your new card today.


How do I apply for a new Members Choice checking account?

Current Members Choice members, you can “Quick Apply” for a new checking account with a Debit Mastercard in online banking or your mobile app. Login, and click on the “Quick Apply” widget in the main navigation to get started (you may need to click on the “More” button to view).


More questions? Send them to us. We are happy to help.

*For a full description of the features and benefits, please visit: Business Debit Mastercard Guide To Benefits


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