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Earn up to 4.07% APY* and unlimited cash back rewards.

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Say goodbye to fees and start earning more with high-yield checking from Members Choice Credit Union


With a Members Choice Complete Checking™ account, you can earn 4.07% APY* on your balance each month, and get paid up to two days early. 

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Cash Back Rewards

Get unlimited .10% cash back rewards on the Debit Mastercard® purchases2 that you make every day. 

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Early Pay

You can get paid up to two days early3 when you set up direct deposit.

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No Extra Fees

With no monthly service fee, no minimum balance, and refunded ATM fees4, save your money for what you need most

Balance Tiers Dividend Rate1 APY*  
$0.01 - $1,999.99 4.00% 4.07% Earn Dividends with1
No minimum balance required.

No monthly maintenance fees.
$2,000 - $9,999.99 1.49% 4.07% - 2.02%
$10,000 - $14,999.99 0.75% 2.02% - 1.59%
$15,000 and higher 0.05% 1.59% - 0.28%

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Join online through our simple membership and account opening application, or in a branch by speaking to a member advocate.

Our simple membership process has four easy ways for you to qualify for membership.

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*APY=Annual Percentage Yield.  View complete list of deposit disclosures and Fee Schedule.

1 Dividend Rates: To receive the stated dividend rate for a particular monthly qualification cycle, you must receive monthly eStatements, at minimum ten (10) debit card purchases per month must have posted and maintain an aggregate minimum direct deposit of $150.00 to this account per month. If account requirements are not met, the dividend rate on the entire balance is .0% for that monthly cycle.

Complete Checking accounts are Tiered Rate accounts. For these accounts, the specified Dividend Rate for a tier will apply only to the portion of the account balance that is within that tier. The annual percentage yields, which vary depending on the balance in the account, are shown for each tier.

2 Debit Cashback Rewards: If the account qualifications are met for a monthly qualification cycle for the Complete Checking account (monthly eStatements, initiate a minimum of (10) debit card purchases per month, and maintain an aggregate minimum direct deposit of $150.00 to this account per month), you will be refunded .10% of the amount of debit card purchases posted to your account during that cycle. There is no limitation to the amount of cash back you receive in any Monthly Qualification Cycle.

3 Early Pay: Early pay is not dependent upon the account qualifications noted above. At our sole discretion, we may make your money available to you up to two days before we receive the funds from the payor. Early availability of direct deposits is dependent on the timing of your payor’s payment instructions and/or fraud prevention overlays. These limitations may be modified at our sole discretion without advance notice. We do not guarantee early availability of any direct deposits, and eligibility of a direct deposit for early availability may change between pay periods. Any direct deposit not posted early will be made available according to our Funds Availability schedule. We reserve the right to discontinue the service at our sole discretion and without notice.

4 ATM Fee Rebates: For any Complete Checking account, if you have met your qualifications during the monthly qualification cycle (monthly eStatements, at minimum ten (10) debit card purchases per month must have posted and maintain an aggregate minimum direct deposit of $150.00 to this account per month), we will reimburse you for ATM fees imposed during the monthly qualification cycle by our institution and other U.S. financial institutions. The maximum ATM fee rebate is $25 for one qualification cycle. ATM fee rebates will be transferred to your checking account. If you believe that you have not been reimbursed the correct amount, please contact us. We must hear from you no later than 30 days after the statement cycle when the reimbursement was applicable.


If not a Members Choice member, a $5 deposit is needed to establish membership.  All memberships and credit products are subject to approval including credit approval.


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